Next Generation Switched Reluctance Motors

Changing the way industry consumes energy...
  • Proven switched reluctance design, with state of the art control
  • Game-changing energy savings, performance & efficiency
  • Less precious metal, no magnets or embedded electronics
  • Software and control giving motor data as standard
  • Easy to install industry standard configurations
  • No re-winds, less maintenance & swap outs
  • Ultra-reliability & lower operating temperatures
  • Very high carbon savings
  • 5 Year Warranty
Reluctance Motor
Increase in Energy Efficiency
World's Electricity Consumed by Motors
Year 1 Tax Allowance
Reluctance Motor

Energy Saving Targets: Retrofitting our motors in Air Handling Units (and beyond) can reduce the energy use of those motors by over 40%. Motors, Drives and Pumps account for over 80% of UK Buildings' energy consumption.

Financial Returns: Pilots so far in the UK are achieving returns of less than 3 years.

Speed of Roll-out: Retrofits are a simple replacement with minimal disruption meaning many motors can be replaced within a day.

Maintenance Savings: Switched Reluctance Motors are renowned for their longevity and reliability and this is enhanced with the monitoring capability of SMC motors.

Controllability: Ultimately controllable these motors allow even further savings by enabling improved controllability in each installation.

Ready to find out how much you could save?