Providing Sustainable Solutions to Industry: Optimising Resources Maximising Efficiency

Packaged Group have teamed up with Statiflo, its new UK business partner as it looks to expand its client base with a focus on helping companies reduce waste, energy demand use and utility bills towards sustainable, environmentally friendly operations. The tie-up will target sectors including food production, brewing, pharmaceuticals, leisure and industrial water treatment for Statiflo’s range of static mixers.

Statiflo has its headquarters in Macclesfield and is a world leader in the development and application of static mixers, channel mixers, duct mixers, gas dispersion systems and associated technologies with thousands of customers in every process industry in over 80 countries. Its motionless mixing technology is applied to a wide range of custom designed products across most process industries.

Packaged Group Directors Robin Chambers and Stuart Anderson said they believe Statiflo’s mixers are an important addition to its offering. “They require no energy supply, have no moving parts and therefore zero maintenance costs, can be installed in-line very simply without disrupting operations and are self-cleaning.” “Statiflo is a natural fit for Packaged Group as we look to offer our clients more choice when it comes to improving their sustainability and reducing costs through bespoke solutions,” said Robin. “Statiflo has a range of excellent products that can be used for a variety of mixing applications, from the production of confectionery, cakes, sauces and pastes, beer and wine, to swimming pools, effluent treatment and material processing.”

We see huge potential for expansion

Statiflo managing director Gareth Fry said Packaged Group is the ideal partner for the company. “We see huge potential for expansion in the UK and are looking forward to harnessing the expertise of the Packaged Group team to achieve our goals.” He said: “We are very strong in the municipal water and waste water sectors, and now the time is right to put more focus on other industries.” “Packaged Group promotes a suite of products and services which are green and provide energy savings, and our range of static mixers fits very well with this approach.” Stuart added “Statiflo mixers are good for the environment, improve efficiency and benefit the bottom line, with a positive return on investment within 12 months.”

“We are delighted to link up with Statiflo and look forward to a successful partnership.”

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