Fully Funded Renewables with Cheaper Energy

Packaged Energy Solutions was invited to look at a ‘full site projects’ funded option for a client who through our lighting & energy solutions divisions. LED lighting, EV car charging points, boiler optimisation, energy monitoring & other energy reduction techniques had been earmarked as priority projects.

An option to wrap all of the projects up into one funded package was delivered. The proposal was to install (FOC) Solar PV on the roof space of the buildings, with a PPA agreement that not only included all of the renewable projects, but gave the client cheaper energy than they were paying on their existing energy supply contract.

£295k of projects were enclosed within the fund, more importantly with all of the above projects completed, this will reduce their energy cost by £85k per annum and give them a big GREEN tick.

The clients energy cost in this case was 13p per kw/h and had outdated lighting, old boiler system, no way of monitoring energy or spend. With all of the new technology the client will be paying 12.5p for the energy generated by the solar PV and new re negotiated procurement for the supplied energy, all at no cost to the client.

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